Featured Vendors

Mary's Salted Caramels

Mary’s Candies produces handcrafted, artisan confections. Business owners Nathaniel and Erin Murphy believe in making candies that are additive- and preservative- free with no artificial colors or flavors.
The Murphys began producing and selling candy as a means to save money to purchase a food truck, but received such good response they realized they had a marketable product.  Their Salted Caramels are made fresh with all natural ingredients!

Rudy's Pepperblends

Rudy has put together 2 blends of locally grown chili peppers and pepper mixes to satify any 'heat lover'.  The Tri-Cities Blend is a spicy dry mix blend, a good accent to whatever you're cooking and the Gourmet Dry Salsa Mix will spice up multiple dishes including fish, chicken, crushed pineapple or just good old tomatoes!  Both are good for 'hot lovers'!

Taaza's Cilantro Chutney​

              and                         products are all made in Seattle, utilize non-GMO ingredients, are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and taste authentic and delicious.  Pickled and Preserved is highlighting the Taaza Cilantro Chutney, featured on our Maren Panini, but Indian Life offers so much more on both our shelves and beyond!

Purdy's Organics Dill Pickle Chips and Pickled Beets

Purdy's Organics was started in June of 2012 when mother and daughter teachers, Sis and Tracy, decided to take their love of cooking and turn it into an organic pickle business.  Learn more about their story and products  

AJ's Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard

AJ's Edible Arts Inc. is a woman owned company based in Pasco, WA.  They have been making their famous Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustards since 1989.  Learn more about Aj's 

Olykraut Raw Fermented Sauerkraut

Olykraut Raw Fermeted Sauerkrauts are sourced from local farms using organic seasonal ingredients to create delicious living krauts that are immunity boosters, digestion supporters and eat-straight-out-of-the-jar worthy! Live fermenting foods is a re-emerging food preservation technique that has tons of health and environmental benefits learn about how Olykraut contributes 

Mrs. Pickles Gourmet

Mrs. Pickles is a family owned pickle company using a century old secret family receipe to create one of the most unique and delicious pickles we've ever tasted!  
In fact, we like Mrs. Pickles so much that we want you to have one too! That's why each housemade Panini served in our deli comes accompanied by one of Mrs Pickles orginial Sweet and Sour Dill Pickle Spear.